Wedding Ring Kate Middleton & Prince William

Some of us are always thinking about the wedding rings, their design, types and most importantly about their cost. The Royal Family from England always use wedding rings made up of welsh gold. Now most of us after reading this will ask the question that what is so important about this welsh gold ring.

Welsh gold is very rare to find that’s why cost is very high even higher than the platinum. It has been extracted from two notable mines Gwynfynydd Welsh Gold Mine and the Clogau Mine.  You can have a rough idea when I will mention here about the prices of some rings.

What you think about Clogau Gold 18ct ring? How much it can cost you?

The answer is it can cost you up to £1,000.00 and even more than that. Some other forms of gold mixed with silver and less ct can cost £150.00. I hope this price range has given you rough estimate about the cost and importance of welsh gold and rings made up of it.

Now what is the connection between the Royal Family and Welsh Gold?

It is the tradition of the Royal Family to wear ornaments and wedding rings made up of the welsh gold. The tradition was followed by Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of wales and Camila.
It is been reported that the Queen has given Prince Williams this Welsh Gold from her treasure as a gift to follow the tradition of the Royal Family. The Wedding ring that Kate Middleton wear is made up of welsh gold.

The cost of Wedding Ring is around $136,000.

Now what are you thinking guys how much you are going to spent. Give us some of your ideas and costs that you are ready to spent. And for people who are already married tell us about your experience.
What I think wedding ring is a token. Price matters less for me than the feeling of love and respect which is given by the person who loves you. So, not get confused by such high rates just feel the love hidden behind the ring.

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