Kate Middleton Art Guru - Prince William at St. Andrews University Gala Dinner

Art by mynameisharsha, on Flickr
Kate Middleton is an Art Guru by Prince William
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  mynameisharsha 

Last night Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the gala dinner at St. Andrews University 600th anniversary. Prince William told to the people that back in days when they were students, the love between them started to blossom. Many stories are associated to the days, which results in the wedding. Both Kate and William were friends and after a fashion show at the University they have decided to get into relationship. Prince William decided to make Kate her girl friend. The reference to the dress also made the crowd applaud gradually. They also mentioned that nobody knows what can be given to the people to wear during the fashion shows. The reference was clearly to the see through dress of the Kate which made Prince William more attracted towards her.

KATE & WILLIAM 11 by Tom Soper Photography, on Flickr
Prince William and Kate Middleton attended Gala Dinner at St. Andrews University

 William also declared that both were students of art history, and he admitted that the Catherine was much better than him. He also mentioned that Kate is the art guru. The Royal Couple looked very happy and also shared wonderful experiences with the students and media. The news on internet has inspired us to write this post.