Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon at Seychelles North Island

At the pool in the resort. by mnapoleon, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  mnapoleon 

Prince William and Kate Middelton visited North Island for their honeymoon in May 2011 after their wedding. There were lot of speculation about the place for honeymoon of newly married Royal Couple. They visited to the Seychelles by a private jet, after reaching their, they were taken to the island by a helicopter. They spent 10 days on this island with privacy provided by the government of Seychelles.

North Island is a small granitic island with area of about 2.01 km² in the Seychelles, 5 km north of Silhouette Island. It is developed as a private resort with 11 villas for guests. This island focuses on eco friendly tourism. The villas developed on the island are very beautiful and provides a medium for guest to experience the nature. The climate is absolutely marvelous.

Tourism spokesperson of the island said that they were honoured to have the Royal couple as their guests. He also indicated that this visit will improve the tourism of the North Island.

The pair happily returned from the island personally thanking to the coast guards for providing privacy on island. Prince William returned to his job after the honeymoon.

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