Kate Middleton effect on sales of shoes, dress and jewelry

Last night I was reading about the news articles and several blogs about the increase in sales. Whenever Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wears something it becomes the style statement. She is unbeatable in the promotion of products. All over the fashion world it is well known that she sets the style statement for women.
Kate Middleton effect on sales of shoes, dresses and Jewelery

I read about the articles how she popularized the nude shoes; how she managed to mix her wardrobe with premium costly to the price range reachable by the ordinary people. She was also the judge of an event in the University where she had to pick the best shoe design. The best shoe design will be wear by her and going to be manufactured by the leading manufacturers. There is no doubt that even these shoes will also going to be big hit.

The effect of Kate Middleton on consumers leads to the profit generation of manufacturers. Nowadays everything Kate touches becomes a brand. Why this fashion boom is coming? Well everyone wants to be popular and want to follow the style. And now the style is Kate. The role of media which includes television, news papers and internet has made her choices a sensation.

Now the question is should you follow her or not? Well the answer is dependent on many factors ranging from financial statements to the mind set. How you feel about the products, what is your approach? Whatever be the inferences the truth is that she is setting up benchmarks and people want to achieve something by following her. Deep inside heart every woman wants to become the princess. It is the dream than why we shouldn't we follow these small fashion statements if it gives some satisfaction.